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Having Joint Savings Can Make Your Relationship More Intimate, Why?

aplikasi jago bank jago memudahkan pasangan yang ingin membuka rekening tabungan bersama untuk mengatur keuangan Having Joint Savings Can Make Your Relationship More Intimate, Why?

Do you and your partner have a joint savings account? If not, try managing your finances together. An already intimate relationship can become even more intimate.

The Importance of Managing Money Together as a Couple

After marriage, the wife is the one who most likely takes care of matters related to finances. Based on a survey conducted by the Danareksa Research Institute (DRI) in 2022, 39.56% of respondents stated that the wife makes financial decisions in the household. Meanwhile, only 26.51% of respondents stated that husband and wife together make financial decisions (reference: Databoks).

In fact, managing finances using a joint savings account can make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate. Why?

1. Showing each other mutual care

For a relationship to work, it can't just be one person who cares. Not to mention the mental burden that may arise as a result of being given such a large responsibility. Remember, finances have an important impact on family stability, not only now but also in the future.

By managing household finances together, you and your partner share equal responsibilities and show that you care about each other. So you love your partner even more.

2. Couples learn to mature and make the necessary sacrifices, together

After marriage, you and your partner become teammates who have to work together to become better and achieve common goals.

It cannot be denied, in the journey of managing finances together, of course there will be sacrifices required. The individual self-reward budget may need to be reduced to build children's education funds. Becoming mature together is a beautiful thing and can make a relationship more intimate.

3. Communication and transparency continue to be well maintained

By managing family finances together, you and your partner maintain communication and transparency. If there is trauma about money, for example, you can tell your partner. You get to know each other better and can find solutions together. Likewise, when you and your partner communicate your spending habits, lifestyle and so on. This will have an impact on the relationship becoming stronger.

Managing Finances Together with Your Partner Using Jago Shared Pocket

To make managing household finances easy and practical, you can use the Jago Shared Pocket.

Why the Jago Shared Pocket? Apart from free monthly admin fees, here are the reasons that make you want to immediately use it with your other half.

1. Can open more than one Shared Pocket in the Jago application

di bank jago bisa buka lebih dari satu tabungan rekening bersama melalui aplikasi jago

If there is more than one need that you want to manage the funds together with your partner, Jago makes it easy and supports you to do it without any hassle.

You can open as many Shared Pockets as you need, both Saving Pockets and Spending Pockets. The Shared Saving Pocket can be used to plan children's education and save money for family holidays, for example. Meanwhile, the Shared Spending Pocket can be used to manage expenses such as monthly shopping, entertainment, children's pocket money, and much more.

2. Can set a savings target together in the Shared Saving Pocket to manifest financial goals (Moneyfesting)

Next year's family vacation can be planned from now on. Moreover, the funds need to be saved well in advance. If this is the Moneyfesting that you want to achieve, set a savings target with your partner. This way, both of you will be more enthusiastic about saving.

Your Moneyfesting is not a vacation but buying a comfortable house to live in? Set a saving target so that your dream home will soon be yours. Newlyweds certainly want to be able to own a house that they can call home.

3. Can set daily transaction limits in the Shared Spending Pocket

Not just managing household expenses together with your spouse more easily and practically, you can use the Shared Pocket to get used to a simple lifestyle or avoid an excessive lifestyle.

4. The Shared Pocket can be viewed and accessed via each member's Jago application

Even though the Shared Pocket is your savings together with your partner, accessing it is very easy, unlike joint accounts in general.

Invite your partner to join the Saving Pocket or Spending Pocket that you created. After that, your partner can find the Pocket in their Jago application. Moving money to the Shared Pocket and using money in the Shared Pocket can all be done from your own Jago application.

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Relationship Going Strong with Jago Shared Pocket

So Jagoan, are you interested in opening a savings account with your partner using the Jago Shared Pocket? If you think about managing your finances with your spouse, where will you start first?

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