Your Jago Account and Pockets Can Be Personalized, Here’s What It Means

4 February 2022

Your Jago Account and Pockets Can Be Personalized, Here’s What It Means Your Jago Account and Pockets Can Be Personalized, Here’s What It Means

Do you already have a Jago account and some Jago Pockets to manage your finances? That’s great, Jagoans. Do you know that you can add your personal touch by personalizing your Jago account and Pockets through the application?

Personalizing Your Jago Account & Pockets

1. Set a nickname for your Jago account

How do those closest to you address you? Do you have a nickname? Sometimes, because you are used to the name, it feels uncomfortable if you are called by the name on your ID card.

With Jago, you can freely show your sense of identity by using your nickname for your Jago account. The legal name that you use when creating your Jago account remains saved, Jagoans. Don’t worry.

2. Set a JagoID for more practical transactions 

Those of you who like practical things will definitely love the JagoID. The JagoID is an alternative to the fairly long account number.

Instead of telling your Jago account number to fellow Jago users, you can just tell your JagoID. Easier to remember. Don't have a JagoID yet? Create it right away, you can use whatever name you like.

3. Set a profile picture

Your Jago account already has a nickname and a JagoID. But, it’s not complete without a profile picture. Just like social media accounts that allow you to set profile pictures, Jago also invites you to set your best picture to be displayed on your Jago profile.

What if you want to change the current profile picture? It can be replaced with your other awesome pictures at any time.

4. Choose emojis and colors for Pockets

If you have a lot of Pockets (with Jago you can create up to 20 Saving Pockets and 20 Spending Pockets), it will take time for you to identify the Pocket you want to see.

However, it will be different if you give the appropriate emoji and color for each Pocket. As soon as you see the emoji and color, you can identify what the Pocket is all about right away, without you having to look at the name of the Pocket first.

For example, for the Retirement Pocket, you can give a white-haired person emoji. Then, for the Pet Pocket, you can give a picture of a dog or cat.

5. Display the Pockets you want on the home page

Once logging into the Jago application, you can see a number of Pockets, features and transactions. If there's something you want to change, you're free to do it.

You decide for yourself which Pockets you want to appear on the home page, so you can access them faster and easier, by using the available Shortcuts feature.

So Jagoans, what kind of personalization are you interested in? Oh yes, there are also security-related settings that you can personalize. You can find out more in this article: Jago Has Protective Measures that Guarantee the Security of Your Online Transactions.

Don't have the Jago application yet? You can first download the Jago application here. Complete account registration, personalize your account and Pockets, and start managing your finances smartly, easily and practically.

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