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Do You Already Know All Types of Jago Pockets?

Sudah Kenal Semua Jenis Kantong Jago? Do You Already Know All Types of Jago Pockets?

As an application that can help you become jago at managing your finances, Jago has various innovative features, one of which is the Jago Pockets. Through Pockets, you can organize and separate various needs easily and practically.

Getting to Know Jago Pockets

There are 5 types of Jago Pockets, and each type of Pocket has its own function. You need to know the function of each Pocket type, so you don't create or use the wrong Pocket.

1. Saving Pocket

Kantong Jago: Kantong Nabung Jago

As the name implies, Saving Pocket is a feature that you can use when you want to set aside money to be saved to meet various financial goals.

Everyone's financial goals are different. Everyone may also have more than 1 financial goal to achieve. Jago understands this because saving is a good habit. Therefore, with Jago you can create up to 20 Saving Pockets.

To be more enthusiastic about saving, you can set a savings target in each Saving Pocket and then monitor your savings progress whenever you want.

If you have more savings, you will be happy, Jagoans. So you don't forget to save, the Saving Pocket allows you to use the Autosave feature. If this feature has been activated, saving money will be automatic without you having to do anything at all.

2. Locked Pocket

Kantong Jago: Kantong Terkunci Jago

The Locked Pocket has a similar function to the Saving Pocket, i.e. a place where you can keep your money safely. However, the Locked Pocket has some additional benefits.

As the name implies, the Locked Pocket will lock your money for a certain period (different from the Saving Pocket that cannot lock money). If you find it hard to resist the urges to spend money, you can save money in a Locked Pocket.

The Locked Pocket also offers a higher interest rate than the Saving Pockets. If you think about it, the Locked Pocket is similar to time deposits.

However, the Locked Pocket excels because of its flexibility, both in terms of lock duration (starting from 14 days) and minimum deposit amount (starting from Rp 100 thousand). What’s more, you can also add money to your Locked Pocket at any time, even after the lock period has started.

3. Spending Pocket

Kantong Jago: Kantong Bayar Jago

Looking at the name, the Spending Pocket is definitely related to expenses. To pay for this and that, you can use a Spending Pocket. Because expenses also vary, you can create up to 20 Spending Pockets.

The cool thing is, you can connect your Jago Visa Debit Card to the Spending Pocket of your choice for faster, easier and more convenient online or offline shopping.

4. Shared Pocket

Kantong Jago: Kantong Bersama Jago

Want to enjoy financial collaboration with other people, for example, saving money with friends, your other half or beloved family members?

The Shared Pocket can make your dream come true. You can turn any of your Saving Pockets (excluding Locked Pocket) or Spending Pockets into a Shared Pocket by inviting those you want to collaborate with.

The Shared Pocket also allows you to set the role of each member and maintain transaction transparency with transaction history that each member can view.

5. Giveaway Pocket

Kantong Jago: Kantong Berbagi Jago

Jagoans who like to give surprises to loved ones or want to share digital money envelopes accompanied by the best wishes, can use the Giveaway Pocket.

The Giveaway Pocket can be used at any time, no need to wait for holidays or other important days. To make it fun and make the recipient feel touched, you don't have to tell them when you send money with a greeting card. Later, Jago will send notifications to them.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Jago Pocket

How to answer the question that appears during account verification: What is the name of one of your Jago Pockets?

In some situations, such as when you change cellphones and start using the Jago application on the new cellphone, you will be asked to answer a question about the name of one of your Jago Pockets. This is done to verify your account and maintain your account security.

Make sure you remember at least the names of 1 or 2 Pockets you have created so you don't have difficulty answering them.

Jagomin suggests you create some Pockets to make it easier to manage your finances the way you want. So, you will have several Pockets besides the Main Pocket.

How do you check or find out the name of your Jago Pocket?

To check or find out the name of a Jago Pocket is very easy. It is right above the nominal balance. Let's look at the visual below.

punya banyak kantong jago sama dengan punya banyak rekening bank jago

Several Pockets have been created in the Jago application. From the visual above, the names of Jago Pockets are “Jajan”, “Renovasi Rumah”, “Jalan-Jalan”, “Dana Darurat” and “Belanja Bulanan”.

How to personalize a Jago Pocket?

Your Pocket name doesn't need to be the same as the examples of Pocket names above. You can personalize it the way you want. Rename your Pocket then select the emoticon that matches the Pocket name. You can also change the Pocket name at any time.

Read more about what can be personalized in this article.

Which are your favorite Pockets? Start creating the Pockets you need.

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