Let’s Start Saving Money To Avoid These 4 Dangers

16 February 2022

Start Saving Money To Avoid These 4 Dangers Start Saving Money To Avoid These 4 Dangers

Saving, not saving money. Still confused about whether to save or not? Don't be confused anymore, Jagoans. Jago wants to encourage all Jagoans to start saving money. Because if you haven't started saving yet, 4 dangers await. 

Avoid These 4 Dangers By Saving Money

1. Unprepared for emergencies

There are many things in life that cannot be denied. One of them is that you can't predict what will happen next. One day everything went smoothly, the next day your car suddenly broke down. And, you need the car to support your daily activities.

If you haven't started saving money, the consequence is that you don't have the money to deal with an emergency like the broken car earlier. The broken car is just one example of the many emergencies that can come at any time.

But, by consistently saving, it is easier to deal with emergency situations. The more money you have in your emergency savings, the more easily the emergency level of an event can be tolerated.

2. Not ready for major life events

While emergencies are unpleasant, major life events are generally pleasant. Getting married, starting a family, having children and entering retirement are examples of major life events.

However, a major life event that’s supposed to be fun can turn into a disaster if you don't have money in your savings. Imagine that you and your partner have just had a baby. Taking care of a baby costs a lot of money. If there is no savings, it can be chaotic.

What about entering retirement? Retirement should be pleasant because you don't have to work every day anymore. Retirement is the time to live life comfortably and enjoy life to the fullest.

However, it can only happen if you have sufficient retirement savings. How can you have enough savings? Of course, by consistently setting aside money for savings.

3. Possibility of borrowing money or going into debt

Let Jago take an example from emergencies that come your way, Jagoans. If you don't have enough savings to deal with an emergency situation, chances are you will borrow money from someone else. Then, you don't know for sure when you can pay off the debt.

But, if you are disciplined in saving money, then you don't need to borrow money from others. Life will be happier when we are free from debt.

4. Too much stress

Jagoans, not having money can give a lot of stress, which in turn affects mental health. For example, you are currently working at a company. Actually, you want to quit the job because the work environment is not supportive.

But, because you don't have savings, you can't resign, while in fact, you can't stand it and want to quit immediately. Finally, you become stressed. Stressed from doing a job that you don't like and stressed because you don't have the savings to survive until you get a new job.

Debt to other parties, whoever it is, to meet the needs of life can also create a lot of stress. Not to mention if you owe it to a party that provides high interest loans. In addition to the borrowed money, there is interest that must be paid as well. Stress will increase.

Fun and Secure Saving with Jago

Let's be as far away as possible from stress by starting to save money, Jagoans. With Jago, saving will be fun and secure. The Jago application has the Saving Pocket and Locked Pocket features.

If you save money in a Saving Pocket, you can enjoy interest up to 3.5% p.a.*, and if you save money in a Locked Pocket, the interest offered is up to 4% p.a.*.

It's fun because in addition to high interest, you can set a savings target and continue to monitor the progress of savings whenever you want. It’s secure because Bank Jago is registered with and supervised by the OJK and is an LPS guarantee participant.

To be able to take advantage of the Saving Pocket and Locked Pocket features, you need to have the Jago application and create a Jago account.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

*Interest rate can change at any time in accordance with BI interest rates & LPS policy

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