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Practice Slow Living the Way You Want: More Jago With Jago

jalani gaya hidup slow living lebih mudah dengan atur uang sesuai maumu pakai kantong jago di aplikasi jago Practice Slow Living the Way You Want: More Jago With Jago

Do you often feel that time passes so quickly because you are busy doing many things? Do you often feel like you don't enjoy life enough, so you tend to feel stressed in everyday life? Many people experience those things. If you are one of them, slow living is one solution you can try.

What is Slow Living?

As the name suggests, slow living is a lifestyle that focuses on slowing down in the sense of relaxed and simple. By living slowly, you have more space to appreciate various things in life, including the small things that you previously might not have noticed due to the busy schedule you live.

There are many ways you can choose to start living slowly, depending on your needs. Therefore, your slow living lifestyle may be different from other people's slow living lifestyles. Even so, there are still some basic principles for those of you who are interested in trying slow living.

Someone who lives a slow living lifestyle, for example, will appreciate simplicity over anything excessive. They will also focus more on quality than quantity. Not to forget, of course they also think that faster doesn't mean better.

How Slow Living Helps Change Your Spending and Saving Habits

There are many good effects that you can feel once you start practicing slow living. Apart from having more time to enjoy something that is meaningful and makes you happy and can appreciate more things, you can also feel changes in your finances.

1. Being more conscious and wise in using money

Spending habits will change after getting used to slow living. You will not be easily influenced by a consumerist lifestyle and can suppress irresponsible use of money.

By practicing slow living, you can be more aware and understand the difference between needs and wants. Apart from that, you will also appreciate what you already have. In this way, unnecessary purchases will be reduced. You will have more money to save and invest.

2. Buying things because of their functions and buy something that can be used for the long term

Because slow living focuses on quality over quantity, you will make wiser decisions when buying something. Slow living is also closely related to sustainability. By buying quality items so they can last longer and be used for years, you reduce waste and also save money of course.

3. Realizing that actions that may seem small but are done consistently will have a big impact over time

Through slow living, you will also realize that simple actions carried out continuously will bring happiness and keep you away from excessive anxiety and stress.

In relation to finances, you will prioritize saving and/or investing because having sufficient assets will be very helpful in the future. Saving consistently, even if starting from a small amount, will provide maximum results.

Live Slowly the Way You Want Starts by Managing Money with Jago

To help you manage your finances, you can use the Jago application. Various features in the Jago application make it easy for you to manage your money the way you want.

1. Budgeting with the right allocation of funds using the Saving Pocket and Spending Pocket

Making wise decisions regarding the use of money will become much easier when done by managing your finances well. Budgeting can help you live a slow living lifestyle the way you want.

Create Jago Pockets, both Saving Pockets and Spending Pockets in the Jago application. The number of Pockets can be adjusted to your needs. Of course, since you live slowly now, the budget for wants will be much reduced and can be allocated to savings. Personalize the Jago Pockets that have been created by changing the names to "Monthly Shopping", "Bills", "My Savings" or whatever you want.

2. Saving or investing long term with low risk can be done in Jago Term Deposit

Slow living lifestyle encourages patient investment with lower risk rather than getting high returns quickly but also comes with high risk.

For future financial goals, you can consider investing in a deposit. The Jago Term Deposit gives you the freedom to save from just Rp1,000,000 and choose the saving period that suits you, between 1 to 12 months. Of course, you will earn deposit interest by saving or investing money in the Jago Term Deposit.

Apart from that, saving money in the Jago Term Deposit also makes it easier for you to withdraw it the way you want as it can be done directly from the Jago application with no early withdrawal fees. This would hel when you need to deal with unexpected events, such as emergencies.

3. Diversifying your assets by investing in lower-risk mutual funds - take advantage of the Jago digital ecosystem with Bibit

Another option that you can consider to grow your assets is to invest money in more than just 1 instrument. Apart from deposits, mutual fund products are an option to try because the risk is relatively low.

With Jago, you can invest in Bibit mutual fund products that suit your wants but in an easier and more practical way. By linking your Jago account with your Bibit account, you can invest in mutual funds with no top up fees right away.

The mutual fund purchasing process is fast because it can be done from the Jago application, allowing you more time to do other precious things for yourself or with those closest to you.

Ready to enjoy the beauty of slowing down and the ease of managing your finances the way you want using the Jago application from Bank Jago?

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