Jago x Bibit

What Jago & Bibit offers

Together with Jago support you saving in mutual funds

Free top up fee for mutual fund purchases

Buying mutual funds on Bibit using Jago as a payment method incurs no top-up fees! Top up mutual funds up to Rp1,000,000,000.

Jago Pocket

Saving in mutual funds is available automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The amount will be automatically debited from your Jago Pocket!

Jago Pocket

In case of emergency or any condition, you can disburse mutual funds on Bibit directly to your Jago Pocket in a split seconds!

Jago Pocket

Register Jago through Bibit app is easy peasy!

Register Jago dari partner

What are the advantages of Jago ?

60 Pockets = 60 Accounts
Separate expenses and savings, create 60 accounts in 1 application, in accordance with DSN MUI fatwa and without monthly admin fees.
Jago Visa Debit Card
Make a card from the app and sent to your door for you to do all your online and offline transactions, accepted anywhere in the world
Jago's digital ecosystem
Hassle free Gopay top ups, maintain your investment with autodebit to Bibit, and many other benefits of Jago's ecosystem
State of the art security
Transact safely with Jago's security system, 2FA authentications, facial recognition, PIN / password for your transactions

Semua jadi Jago

Mulai hidup seutuhnya dengan keluarga dan kerabat.

Download aplikasi Jago, lalu pilih Jago atau Jago Syariah dan daftar akunnya lewat ponsel kamu

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Scan Kode QR di bawah ini dengan kamera ponselmu untuk menginstall Jago.