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Jago Amal

Jago Amal

Share Kindness by Helping Others in
Need with Jago Amal

With just a small step, you can share kindness as part of your religious duties through Jago Amal.
Let's purify your wealth and heart by paying zakat or sadaqah.

Why Jago Amal


Jago Amal uses the Wakalah akad and your zakat or sadaqah is directly distributed to the selected Amil Agency partners.


Jago Amal works closely with various trusted Amil Agency organizations. When you have finished paying zakat, you can contact each organization to get Bukti Setor Zakat. (ada link ke FAQ Jago amal)


From transaction to information, Jago Amal will keep you in the loop so you can be at ease and confident about your zakat & sadaqah distributions.


No need to leave your home, you can pay zakat or sadaqah directly from the Jago application.


Pay your zakat obligations anytime and anywhere you are.
Just open the Jago application and go to Jago Amal.

Zakat on Behalf of

You can also be an extension of the people closest to you to pay their zakat. Or, tell them about Jago Amal so they can pay their own zakat.


Life is more blissful and meaningful by giving sadaqah through Jago Amal.

Sadaqah on Behalf of

You can also help pay sadaqah trusted to you. Share kindness in several available categories: Education Support, Orphans in Need and Humanitarian Aid.

Helping many children to be able to go to school and orphans to have a bright future, alleviating the suffering of victims of natural disasters and encouraging economic justice in society. All are forms of kindness.

Find out where Jago Amal's Amil Organization partners distribute your zakat and sadaqah on the Transparency Page.

Collaboration is within our DNA

Semua jadi Jago

Mulai hidup seutuhnya dengan keluarga dan kerabat.

Download aplikasi Jago, lalu pilih Jago atau Jago Syariah dan daftar akunnya lewat ponsel kamu

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Scan Kode QR di bawah ini dengan kamera ponselmu untuk menginstall Jago.