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A Pocket (Kantong in Indonesian) is where you put your money in Jago. It allows you to separate your money into multiple Pockets based on your needs.
Personalize it by giving your pockets any name you’d like, upload a photo or use emojis, and use your favorite color as the background.

For Jago Syariah, Pockets are now available with Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad. Let's learn more about Wadi'ah akad in here.

You can set up your Pocket for different purposes. To ease your daily transactions, choose Spending Pocket where you can attach a GPN or Visa debit card to it and use it for e-commerce shopping or withdraw in any ATMs around Indonesia with GPN or around the globe with Visa. To motivate you on your life goals, choose Savings Pocket with Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad, and you can set up a target to see your saving progress and visualized how close you are to your goal; on top of that you can also activate auto-save function that will top-up the savings for you.

But why stop there? Invite your family, significant others, and your friends to collaborate and save together with you! For all those plans, trips or household chores, you can now create a Shared Pocket to manage the money together. Check out Shared Pocket page to learn more about its awesome features!

Tip: You can have up to 60 Pockets, you can add, remove, and change its purpose anytime you want.

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