Profit Sharing in Sharia Deposit

What is Profit Sharing Ratio (Nisbah)?

In Sharia Deposits, the profit sharing ratio (nisbah) is the percentage portion of the profit sharing from your money management. The portion is obtained and approved by you and Jago Syariah from the beginning.

What is the difference between profit sharing and interest?

Profit Sharing Interest
The amount of the profit-sharing ratio is made at the beginning of the contract/akad. Then, the profit sharing depends on the bank's income so it can go up or down. The amount of interest is determined at the beginning and will remain the same throughout the period. 

The multiplier is based on the bank's income.

The percentage multiplier is the saved money by customers.

Payment of profit sharing is based on the bank’s performance.

The payment of interest is fixed and does not change. Also, it does not refer to the bank's income.

According to sharia principles.

Not using sharia principles.


How much nisbah profit will I get when creating Sharia Deposit?

Here's the information of your profit sharing ratio (Nisbah) in Sharia Deposit:

Balance (IDR)

Tenor (Bulan)

Nisbah for You

Nisbah for Bank

Estimated* (per year)

Rp1,000,000 - Rp49,999,999

1 - 24 months




Rp50,000,000 - Rp99,999,999

1 - 24 months





1 - 24 months




*The changes in the profit sharing ratio follow the market trend. Savings will not be covered by LPS if the accumulated savings amount (including interest) at one bank exceeds Rp2 billion. 

 Why does my nisbah ratio change when the deposit is renewed?

The profit sharing ratio for you can change at any time and is adjusted by Jago Syariah's policy. The new ratio for a renewed deposit is the one that's currently used.

What is the profit sharing calculation formula?

For formulas or simulations of profit sharing calculations, you can see here

Bagi hasil dalam deposito syariah

Does the LPS insure my Sharia Deposit?

Yes, definitely! The LPS insures the Sharia Deposit in the Jago Syariah with a maximum total of IDR 2 billion saved in one bank per user.

I have reached the due date, what should I do?

When reaching the due date, if you have a Sharia Deposit and do not choose to renew it, it will automatically be opened and your money will be withdrawn directly to your Main Pocket.


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