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4 Reasons to Have Sharia-compliant Savings with Jago Syariah

Jago Syariah adalah bank tanpa bunga karena menggunakan akad Wadiah Yad Dhamanah 4 Reasons to Have Sharia-compliant Savings with Jago Syariah

For Muslims, managing finances according to sharia principles is highly recommended. The sharia principles have the goal of al falah, namely to win in this world and also in the hereafter.

Certified sharia financial planner Dewi Ratna D. Amelia, who is often called Dewi, suggested financial management according to sharia principles because of the positive values ​​brought by sharia. "For example, the distribution of funds or financing must go to halal businesses. Positive values ​​like this have many benefits, humans can stay away from bad things."

It’s the same with saving. To save in accordance with sharia principles, you can have sharia-compliant savings with Jago Syariah.

Why Have Sharia-compliant Savings with Jago Syariah?

1. Using the Wadi'ah principle, therefore Jago Syariah is a bank without interest

In accordance with sharia principles, your savings with Jago Syariah use the Wadi'ah principle. The Wadi'ah principle is a principle based on the Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad. Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad is an akad that is used for savings products and has the nature of deposit.

So, when you save money at Bank Jago Syariah, you entrust the money to the bank. Bank Jago Syariah will then manage the money in accordance with sharia principles. Because the Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad is a deposit, the bank does not promise anything in return.

One more thing, when creating a Jago Syariah account through Jago Syariah, there will be a digital ijab and qabul between you and Bank Jago Syariah. Saving according to sharia principles is more blessed. You can then pray more peacefully.

2. Can have a lot of savings in 1 application

Kantong Jago Syariah

Want to have a lot of savings without the hassle of opening accounts everywhere? With Jago Syariah, you can have up to 20 savings. What you need to do is easy. Just create Saving Pockets in Jago Syariah.

The fun thing is, you can personalize each Saving Pocket as you wish. For example, by changing the name. You can have Pockets called Child's Education Fund, Hajj Savings, Dream House, etc.

You can also set targets and activate the Autosave feature. Insya Allah, you can make every dream or financial goal come true by consistently saving money in the Saving Pockets.

Everyone's financial goals may be different. But, according to Dewi, there are a number of financial goals that everyone must achieve.

"Emergency fund is very important, it needs to be a financial goal. Having an emergency fund is like having a spare tire when traveling. Having a house is also important so that at a certain age you don't have to think about KPR anymore. For Muslims, performing hajj should be the next financial goal. For families, children's education funds need to be included as a mandatory financial goal. The last is retirement fund,” Dewi explained.

3. Can invite your beloved family or friends to save together

With Jago Syariah, you can save not only alone, but with loved ones such as family members and friends. For example, if you want to go on vacation together, have an arisan, etc.

For financial collaboration, you can create a Shared Pocket. Especially for arisan, there is the Arisan Pocket. If you have used the Shared Pocket or Arisan Pocket, each member can transfer directly to the Pocket. Each Pocket that you create has its own Pocket number (account number).

4. No monthly admin fees

No less important, when you can have a lot of savings without being charged monthly admin fees, that's really nice, right?

You don’t need to pay monthly admin fees when you have a Jago Syariah account. No matter how many Saving Pockets you have, there are no monthly admin fees. In addition, there are also free quotas for interbank transfers, e-Wallet top-ups and cash withdrawals.

Also Available: The Sharia Deposit with Mudharabah Muthlaqah Akad at Jago Syariah

tabungan syariah berbentuk deposito dengan akad mudhrabah muthlaqah dan nisbah bagi hasil kompetitif tersedia di jago syariah

For those of you who want to save for long-term financial goals and prepare emergency fund savings, the Sharia Deposit is the right choice to consider.

This product from Jago Syariah uses Mudharabah Muthlaqah akad so it will give you a competitive profit sharing ratio at the end of the saving period.

Another benefit of saving in the Sharia Deposit is the flexibility of withdrawal. You can withdraw your Sharia Deposit at any time without penalty fees and still get a prorated profit share. So, the Sharia Deposit is also suitable as a place to save emergency funds. Opening and withdrawing your Sharia Deposit can be done directly and quickly from the Jago application.

Find out the latest profit sharing ratio for the Sharia Deposit here.

Ready to achieve your dreams one by one? Time to start saving with Jago Syariah.

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