About Jago Amal

About Jago Amal

Share kindness and fulfill one of the Islam pillars at Jago Amal! With just small steps, you can help others at Jago Amal. Starting from paying sadaqah, and paying zakat, you can do it in Jago Amal.

How to start Jago Amal

  1. Open Jago Syariah and enter your PIN
  2. Select the Jago Amal menu on your homepage
  3. Choose the type of Jago Amal, you can pay Zakat, or Aadaqah 
  4. Fill in the desired nominal (for Sadaqah)
  5. For zakat, you need to calculate it first, based on nishab. 
  6. Choose the preferred organization
  7. Pay on behalf of your name or someone else's 
  8. To pay zakat, don't forget to read the intention (niat)
  9. Enter PIN to complete your transaction

Learn more about Zakat here

for Sadaqah, you can read more here.

Akad on Jago Amal
The akad that is used in Jago Amal is the Wakalah akad. With this akad, Jago Syariah becomes your representative in delivering your payment to the chosen organization.

Require further assistance?

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Time to Always Manage Your Money
According to Sharia

Create up to 60 Jago Syariah Pockets (bank accounts) with Wadiah and Mudharabah akad to start saving, transacting, and managing expenses.

Open a Sharia Deposit in minutes directly from the app and get competitive profit sharing. Withdraw your Deposit early (if needed) without penalties.

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Grab your smartphone, click the button or scan the QR code below to download and register Jago Syariah from anywhere and anytime.

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