Sadaqah on Jago Amal

Sadaqah at Jago Amal 
Sadaqah is a charity that is given without expecting anything in return; it is simply given as an act of kindness and voluntary. Although there is no obligation to give sadaqah, giving sadaqah is for the greater good and can help many people in need. 

By giving sadaqah, you can purify your wealth and help those who cannot afford to enjoy the basic necessities of life.

Sadaqah can also be given online, and the process is very convenient at Jago Amal. Let's get a blessing by giving sadaqah at Jago Amal!


When is the right time to give sadaqah?
Sadaqah can be given at any time of the year, not limited by time or circumstances. 

Categories for Sadaqah at Jago Amal

Education Support

Orphans In Need 

Humanitarian Aid

Pay for Sadaqah on Behalf of 

You can pay for sadaqah on behalf of someone else! It is more blessed because you can be trustworthy by giving sadaqah entrusted by your parents or family. 

How to give sadaqah on Jago Amal

  1. On the Home page, select the Jago Amal menu
  2. Tap Sadaqah menu, then select the type of Sadaqah according to your preference. 
  3. Enter the amount of Sadaqah you want to give, and select the preferred organization
  4. You can also change the name for the Sadaqah (give on behalf of), then tap Next
  5. Check the transaction details again, and tap Pay Now
  6. Enter your PIN to complete the Sadaqah payment

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