Your Pocket Purpose

You can set your Pocket into two different purposes; for Saving or Spending. This purpose is interchangeable anytime by you from the Jago app.


Spending Pocket
You can set your Pockets to Spending if you have the intention to use the money stored inside the Pocket. Spending Pocket benefits are as follows:
- Share this Pocket to collaborate with other Jago or Jago Syariah users.


Savings Pocket
Pockets set to Savings will disable any payment from it. This Pocket is suitable for you who want to separate your money from daily uses. Savings Pocket benefits are as follows:
- Share this Pocket with other Jago or Jago Syariah users so you can collaborate to save.
- Set an individual target for you alone or a joint target in Shared Pocket and collaborate with other invited users to reach it.
- Use autosave to save automatically with rules that you can set to your liking.

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