Questions about Sharia Deposit

How many Sharia Deposits can I make?
You can have Sharia Deposit as many as you want within the limitation of 20 Deposits.

Can I share my Sharia Deposit to my friends or families?
Unfortunately, you can’t share a Sharia Deposit with anybody. This means you cannot share or add someone else to your Sharia Deposit.

Why my Sharia Deposit is still unopened?
The cause of the unopened Sharia Deposit when it is due may be because the profit sharing is still in the process of being calculated. Your money and the profit sharing will be returned to the Main Pocket after the process is complete. 

Please contact Tanya Jago at 1500 746 if there are problems with your Sharia Deposit.

What should I do if the sharia Deposit placement fails?
Don’t worry, our team will handle the issue immediately and your money is safe. Your money will be returned to your Main Pocket. If you need help, please contact Tanya Jago at 1500 746.

Can I get my Deposit Advice?
Yes, you can get it easily by following these steps.

  1. On Pockets page, choose the deposit that you have
  2. On the Deposit details page, tap the 3 dots (...) at the top right.
  3. Then, tap Download Advice


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