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Moneyfesting with Jago: Be on a Healthy Financial Path as You Want

manifesting mimpi dengan moneyfesting dan mengatur keuangan lebih mudah bersama bank jago Moneyfesting with Jago: Be on a Healthy Financial Path as You Want

Lately, the term 'manifesting' has been heard everywhere. Indeed, the popularity of manifesting is not without reason.

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is a way for someone to give positive affirmations to themselves when they have a goal or dream they want to achieve. Many people also do manifesting to make it easier to overcome the various problems they are facing.

There are many ways of manifesting, such as through visualization. This is an example. You are currently working at a company whose values ​​are not aligned with the values ​​you hold. To get out of this situation, you can manifest by imagining that you will be able to start your own business in the next 3 years. Of course, apart from visualization, real effort is needed to make your dreams come true.

Another popular way of manifesting is to encourage yourself through positive affirmations as often as possible. For example, for those who are currently struggling to save for the future, you can encourage yourself by saying a few sentences like in the following Instagram post.

How to Manifest with Moneyfesting

Inspired by the manifesting trend, Bank Jago formulated Moneyfesting. Moneyfesting itself is designed to be a guide or reference that can be used by Indonesian people to overcome financial anxiety or stress and manage finances more easily and practically according to each individual's wishes. In this way, it is hoped that everyone can be on a healthy financial path.

Through Moneyfesting, Indonesian people are invited to achieve their future dreams or financial goals, both short and long term.

To start Moneyfesting, there are several ways you can do it.

1. Practice gratitude for your current financial condition, whatever the condition

Being grateful is a good thing to do at any time, not only in pleasant circumstances but also in difficult circumstances. There is always something to be grateful for even though we are struggling to overcome problems.

In order to start Moneyfesting, it is important to practice gratitude. When it comes to finances, there is a lot to be grateful for. For example, even though your current financial situation does not allow you to travel abroad like your friends, you are still grateful because you still have a steady income.

Another way to be grateful for what we have is to not compare our financial condition with the financial condition of other people who look better. Comparing can give rise to various negative emotions such as anger and envy. Meanwhile, gratitude has a positive influence on oneself.

2. Decide the financial goals you want to achieve

Next, to start Moneyfesting, an important step you can take is deciding financial goals. How can we move forward if there is no goal to achieve?

Don't be afraid to dream, even if the dream seems impossible to achieve or takes a long time to achieve. Combined with the ability to manage your finances well, all your dreams can be achieved, just the way you want.

You can start with 1 financial goal first. However, that doesn't mean you can't have several financial goals at once. If you have a number of goals, you can divide them into two categories, namely short-term goals and long-term goals.

Building an emergency fund, traveling abroad and buying new electronic equipment or household furniture can be included as short-term financial goals. Meanwhile, buying a house or buying a car and performing the Hajj pilgrimage for Muslims, saving for children's education funds and preparing retirement savings can be included as long-term financial goals.

However, grouping financial goals also depends on the financial condition of each individual. Some people may be able to save money in less than 5 years to buy a new car. If so, then the dream to buy a new car can be categorized as a short-term financial goal.

3. Manage your finances wisely so Moneyfesting can be as you want

Because the manifesting you are doing is Moneyfesting, money certainly plays a role in the process. Therefore, being jago at managing finances is very important.

According to certified financial planner Annisa Steviani, the main foundation in financial matters is none other than good planning.

“To prevent stress that can arise due to financial pressure, financial planning is one way to practice gratitude for the money you have. Start with budgeting discipline. "Through consistent budgeting, we maintain financial health and ensure that all needs can be met properly, including the need to achieve financial dreams and goals," explained Annisa Steviani.

How to Manage Your Finances the Way You Want in the Jago Application to Make Moneyfesting Easier

In line with the goals of Moneyfesting itself, Bank Jago offers convenience and practicality to the Indonesian people so they can manage their money the way they want through the complete features in the Jago application.

1. Budgeting for various needs by having multiple Bank Jago accounts

Everyone has various needs that must be met. To make it easier to allocate funds for each need and ensure funds are not mixed with each other, you can open multiple Bank Jago accounts.

Through the Jago application, you can create a number of Spending Pockets to manage those many expenses and create a number of Saving Pockets to ensure the budget also goes into savings to realize your Moneyfesting. With the Spending Pocket, it will be easier for you to ensure that you spend within your budget.

Each Jago Pocket has its own account number. Creating 10 Pockets is the same as having 10 different accounts that can be monitored simultaneously in the Jago application. 

2. Open savings according to your needs quickly and without admin fees via the Jago application

Whatever your financial goals, you can save disciplinedly and consistently at Bank Jago. Savings in the form of Saving Pockets or Locked Pockets are suitable for achieving short-term dreams. Meanwhile, savings in the form of Jago Term Deposits are suitable for achieving long-term dreams.

manifesting dan moneyfesting tujuan keuangan jangka panjang bisa dimulai dengan menabung di deposito bank jago

What's even better is that you can have multiple accounts or savings at Bank Jago without paying any monthly admin fees at all. Subtle leaks can be avoided and the money can be saved little by little for your Moneyfesting.

3. Complete payments and fulfill transfer obligations automatically and on time through the Plan Ahead feature

Every obligation needs to be prioritized, whether it's paying bills, paying off debt, or something else. By having a Jago account, you can fulfill your obligations well without any hassle.

Schedule every recurring or routine payment or transfer using the Plan Ahead feature. On the due date, payment will be completed automatically by Jago. You can also choose the semi-automatic option if you want to approve payments manually before they are completed by Jago. Choose the best payment option that suits you.

4. Be better at managing your expenses so you don't overspend with the Jago Visa Debit Card and QRIS Jago

Budget has been set and allocated according to the portion to each Spending Pocket. This can really help you control your spending. But there are also other great ways that you can try to make sure you really don't overspend.

Set daily transaction limits for your Jago debit card via the Jago application. This way, your monthly budget won't run out in just a few purchases.

For payments using the Jago Visa Debit Card and QRIS Jago, you can choose the right Spending Pocket as a source of funds. So, don't make the wrong choice. Going home from work by taxi, pay using QRIS Jago. Select the Transport Pocket when paying, not the Meals Pocket. This is just an example.

5. Easier to monitor and analyze spending using the Spend Analysis feature

Apart from budgeting with the Jago Pockets and controlling spending using the Jago Visa Debit Card and QRIS Jago, another way to manage spending and make decisions regarding future spending plans is to use the Spend Analysis feature in the Jago application.

Through this feature, you will get a complete report regarding your expenses for a month. Want to know if you spend more money on shopping this month or last month? Everything can be seen in detail through the data presented.

6. Moneyfesting with the people closest to you becomes possible with the Shared Pocket

With Jago, Moneyfesting doesn't have to be alone. You can set and realize financial goals with your partner, family, good friends or people of your choice.

manifesting dan moneyfesting bersama keluarga atau teman jadi mudah dengan membuka rekening bersama di bank jago

Create a Shared Pocket in the Jago application then invite members to join. Set a shared savings target so that each member can start contributing. The Shared Pocket will appear automatically in the Jago application of each member who has joined. This way, they can easily move money to the Shared Pocket.

In the end, you will definitely be able to be financially healthy and to manifest and Moneyfest the way you want. It all starts with being jago at managing finances.

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