Saving & Spending Pockets

40 Pockets = 40 accounts in 1 app to manage savings & spending

Do you want to separate your emergency fund, traveling savings, lunch money and monthly bills?
You can, for up to 40 needs in 1 application.

Decide Pocket Purpose

You can name each Pocket. You can also choose a photo or emoji that describes the purpose of creating the Pocket.

Savings & Spending Can be Easily Separated

Choose a Saving Pocket with 3.75% interest or a Spending Pocket to complete transactions. Do it your way.

Set Target & See Progress

Use any of your Saving Pockets to set a savings target. Monitor anytime and enjoy it when your dreams come true.

Save Consistently With Autosave

No more forgetting to save. Set any of your Saving Pockets with the Autosave feature. Collect your savings automatically from the Main Pocket.

Link to Debit Card, QRIS, Gojek

Use Any Spending Pocket for online and offline shopping, pay for QRIS and Gojek services. Managing expenses is easy without fear of overspending.

No Monthly Admin Fees

Forget the time when you opened multiple accounts at multiple banks to keep your money separate. With Jago, you can have multiple accounts for free.

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Jago Application
Jago Application
Jago Application
Jago Application

Add money to Pockets

Learn to Add Balance

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