Creating Jago Account in Gojek App

If you haven't already had a Jago account, you can create an account directly from the Gojek app by following these simple steps:

  1. Open your Gojek app and tap Explore on the right side of your GoPay balance
  2. On the Explore page, tap the Jago icon
  3. Learn more details about the feature, or tap OK, Sign me up! to proceed
  4. Fill in your active Phone Number and Email, then tap Continue
  5. Fill in your GoPay PIN
  6. You will be redirected to the Jago page. Confirm your phone number by filling in the OTP that's sent to your number
  7. Create a Password and confirm your Password for your Jago account, then tap Continue to proceed
  8. Take a picture of your e-KTP and tap Use This Photo to continue
  9. Take a selfie with your e-KTP and tap Use This Photo to continue
  10. Review your documents and tap Submit to start uploading
  11. After you upload your documents, tap Got It to proceed
  12. Fill in your personal info and tap Continue
  13. You can read the Bank Jago Terms & Conditions, tick the checkbox to confirm your agreement, then tap Continue
  14. Click “Video call now” and complete a 30-second video call verification with Jago Customer Service (available 24/7)
  15. Your registration has been completed, and we have received your data! Please download the Jago app on App Store or Google Play to enjoy the new experience of digital banking. You will receive a notification when your Jago account is activated

Tip: To make the process easier, prepare your e-KTP and NPWP (if you have one) before starting your registration process. Make sure you have a stable internet connection (connect to Wi-Fi, if possible) to avoid any interruptions. 


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