Creating New Card

How to create a new card

  1. Go to the Cards menu in the bottom navigation.
  2. Click Create Card or + symbol.
  3. Input your card name (it can be the purpose of the card).
  4. Choose which type of debit card you want to make.
  5. Choose an existing or create a new Pocket as a source of funds that will be linked to the card.
  6. Select the name to be printed on the physical card.
  7. Review the details of your address and linked Pockets and choose Create Card.

How many debit cards can I have?

Your free Debit Card quota will be adjusted according to your Account Level. This quota is valid from the time you registered and as long as you are a Jago Customer.
If you have never requested a free debit card before the account level applies, here are the free card quotas that you can get:

  • Jagoan: 1 Digital Debit Card
  • Silver Jagoan: 1 Physical Debit Card & 1 Digital Debit Card
  • Gold Jagoan: 2 Physical Debit Cards & 2 Digital Debit Cards
  • Platinum Jagoan: 3 Physical Debit Cards & 3 Digital Debit Cards


  • For new customers, you will get a Silver Jagoan account level and 1 free Digital Debit Card. Then you can get 1 Physical Debit Card when you top up your Jago account balance with a minimum of Rp500,000, and you should wait for 24 hours after the balance is filled.
  • The fee for an additional card or a replacement card after the free card quota runs out is IDR 40,000.

Changing Printed Name on Card

The name printed on the card will always follow your legal name from your ID. What you can do is choose if you want to use your full name (as long as it fits) or pick a shortened version of your name from the dropdown menu.

Track Your Card Delivery

  1. Go to the Card Details.
  2. Choose Delivery Info.
  3. Choose Track Card Delivery.


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