Problems During Registration

Follow the tips below if you found any problems during registration.

Registration stopped midway

You can continue your registration process within 14 days as long as you do it on the same device. Reinstalling the Jago app or registering on a different device will restart the registration process.

Registration always fails

We're really sorry for your difficulties. You can Ask Jago at 1500 746 will gladly help you with your registration.

Tips if registration always fails

Here are things you should follow during your registration process.

1. Type your email with lowercase (35 characters max.)
2. Type your phone number manually (don't use copy-paste) and avoid space.
3. If you didn't receive OTP, make sure your phone date and time are on auto-sync.
4. Your ID Card photo can't be cut.
5. Don't press the button on the app repeatedly. Please push once and let the app work, because it might trigger an unwanted error.

I didn't receive a verification code (OTP)

You can send a new verification code by pressing "Resend Code". If you have requested a new code 3 times in a row, please wait for 5 minutes before requesting more, or contact us at 1500 746 for assistance.

I didn't have e-KTP/NPWP

According to the rules, you can't create a Jago account if you haven't got your e-KTP. For NPWP, you didn't have to inform it during registration. However, Jago will still ask for your NPWP after your account is activated.

Can a student have a Jago account?

Absolutely, as long as you have an e-KTP.

What if my ID Card is in process

You have to use an e-KTP for registration, otherwise, your registration cannot proceed.

Require further assistance?

Contact Tanya Jago
Contact Ask Jago

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