Creating budget to multiple Pockets

Creating budget into multiple Pockets
1. In the Shortcut section or More page, tap the Set Auto-Budgeting menu
2. Select the Pocket that you want to use as an Auto-Budgeting source
3. Under the Destination Pockets section, tap Select to choose the Pocket you want to use as an Auto-Budgeting destination
4. After you finish, tap Select
5. Determine the budget you want to put into each Pocket. You can set a different nominal value for each Pocket!
6. Tap Next to set schedule to set the frequency and budget schedule
7. Set the Auto-Budgeting schedule:
    - Start date: When do you want the first Auto-Budgeting to start
    - Frequency: How often do you want to budget (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
    - Date/day/month: Routine date/day/month for Auto-Budgeting
    - Automate the budget until: Auto-Budgeting can be stopped after a specific date or activated onward
8. Tap Save Schedule & Budget
9. Please review the Auto-Budgeting schedule that you have completed. If everything is correct, tap Set Auto-Budgeting Schedule
10. Enter your Jago PIN to create the budget
11. Auto-Budgeting has been successfully processed! You can see the Auto-Budgeting that you have created through the Pocket Details page or on the Plan Ahead page

What pockets can I set as a source for budgeting?
You can only choose Pay Pocket to be used as a budgeting source.

Tips: Make sure your source Pocket balance is enough before the budgeting schedule

What pockets can I set as the recipient for budgeting?
You can set Auto-Budgeting to Savings, Spending, Travel, Qurban, and Emergency Fund, Spending Pockets, and GoPay Savings.

What if I don't have a Destination Pocket other than the Main Pocket?
You must have a pocket other than the main Pocket to be able to make Auto-Budgeting. Please make sure you create some Pockets first before setting up the Auto-Budgeting!

Can I create 2 or more budgeting schedules for the same Pocket?
Currently, you can only set 1 budgeting schedule for each recipient Pocket. If there are 2 budget schedules set to the same destination pocket, you must choose to keep only 1 budget.

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