Using Target and Autosave on your Pocket

For Jago app version 8.39.1(4893) and lower

What is a target
Target is a set amount of money you wish to achieve inside your Pocket. Jago will show you a progress bar to motivate you along your saving journey until you reach your target.

Achieve your target simply by saving more money inside the Pocket until the amount you set is achieved.

You can also add a deadline to your target.

Setting Up Target
Target is only available if the Pocket is a Savings Pocket. To set up a target, simply follow these steps.
1. On the Pocket Details page, tap the Set Target button.
2. Set the target you wish to achieve, then tap Next.
4. Choose the savings mode to help you achieve your target; using autosave or not.
5. If you use autosave, set the rule for your autosave then tap Next.
6. Review your target details, and tap the Set My Target button to create a target.

Managing Target
Editing a target can be done from your Pocket Details page.
1. Tap the 3 dots button on the upper right corner of your screen on the Pocket Details page.
2. Tap Edit target button.
3. You can choose to edit the target & deadline, savings mode and autosave rule.
4. Follow the steps similar to when you create a new target.

Deleting Target
Deleting a target can be done from your Pocket Details page.
1. On the Shared Pocket Details page, tap the 3 dots button on the upper right corner of your screen.
2. Tap Edit target button.
3. Tap the Give up target.
4. Choose Give Up to stop the target.

Using autosave in Pocket
Autosave allows Jago to help you automatically save inside your Pocket. You can set the frequency and amount, and the money will be deducted from your Main Account automatically.

Autosave can help you achieve your target on time by calculating the amount you need to save to achieve your target before the specified deadline.

For Jago app version 8.39.1(4893) and higher

Setting up a Target
To set Target, please follow these steps:

1. On the Pocket Details page, tap the Set Target button
2. Enter the amount you want to achieve, then tap Next
3. You can set a target with or without a target date:
     - With Target Date:
        a. Turn on the Set target date toggle
        b. Set the date, month and year you want to achieve this target
        c. Tap Next
     - Without Target Date:
        a. No need to turn on the Set deadline option
        b. Tap Next
4. Double-check the target amount and target date (if any), tap Create Target
5. Target successfully created!

Tip: You can only set up a Target in the Savings, Locked, Travel, Qurban, and Emergency Fund Pockets.

Setting up an Auto-Budgeting
1. On the Pocket Details page, tap the Set Auto-Budgeting button
2. Set the amount you want to save automatically to the Pocket, then tap Next
3. Select the Pocket you want to use as the Auto-Budgeting source
4. Determine the frequency and schedule you want:
      - Starting date: When you want to start Auto-Budgeting
      - Frequency: How often do you want to do Auto-Budgeting (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
      - Date/day/month: Routine date/day/month for carrying out Auto-Budgeting
      - End date: Auto-Budgeting can be stopped after a specific date or activated forever
5. Tap Apply Auto-Budgeting
6. Auto-Budgeting successfully created!

- To access the Auto-Budgeting feature in version 8.39.1(4893), ensure no ongoing Target is in your Pocket. If you still have an active Target, please remove or finish it first to view the Auto-Budgeting feature.

- You can edit the amount, schedule and frequency of Auto-Budgeting that has been created via the Pocket Details page, then tap the three-dot button in the Auto-Budgeting section.

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