Set Digital Card Limit

Set a daily transaction limit for your card to add extra protection. If the transaction using this debit card exceeds the limit, your transaction will be declined.

To manage your card limit, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Card tab.
2. Choose the card that you wish to have its limit changed.
3. Tap on Settings.
4. You can find online transaction limit on your digital card settings.
5. Tap the limit to make adjustments.

Online Limit
The Online Limit menu has a function to set your online payment limit. When the transaction amount has exceeded the limit, your transaction process will fail.
You can also activate and deactivate this menu, so you can decide to enable this card for online payment or not.

What is the use of International Payment?
You can activate and deactivate the International Payment menu, so you can decide to enable this card for overseas payments or not.

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