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Anti-Drama and Hassle-Free Family Vacation with Shared Pocket

liburan keluarga tanpa drama dengan saving dan spending dari kantong bersama bank jago Anti-Drama and Hassle-Free Family Vacation with Shared Pocket

A family vacation is a long-awaited moment. Is this also one of your financial goals (Moneyfesting) with your beloved family? Family members can spend time together, have fun and create lots of beautiful memories.

Especially for children, there are many benefits from vacationing with the family, such as strengthening relationships between family members and encouraging children to improve their social skills in a different environment (reference: Fimela).

That's why it's such a shame if drama happens during the family vacation. For example the elder child spends more money on snacks than the younger child. The husband and wife fight over one of them spending more money to buy souvenirs. Or other dramas that may arise related to spending during the holidays.

To have a happy family trip without drama, put the money in one account. So, you and your family members can use one source of funds for all your needs during the holidays.

Family Vacation Budget Saved in a Shared Pocket in the Jago Application

Before the holiday starts, of course funds must be available. For this reason, you can start saving with family members who are going on holiday together.

A practical and easy way is to use a Shared Pocket, which is available in the Jago application. The Shared Pocket can be an alternative to opening a joint account.

1. Go to the Jago application and create a new Pocket

Once a Pocket is created, invite family members and the Pocket automatically turns into a Shared Pocket. You and each member can access the Shared Pocket from the Jago application on your respective smartphones.

Don't forget to personalize your Shared Pocket by changing its name and adding an emoticon to your liking.

2. Start saving as a family in the Shared Pocket

Move money from another Pocket to this Shared Pocket to start saving together. Every member who wants to save can do the same thing (move money between Pockets).

3. Set the budget contribution of each member for a family vacation

menabung bareng anggota keluarga praktis dan mudah di rekening bersama dalam kantong bersama jago

If necessary, you and all members can decide the amount of your respective contributions the way you want. This can be done for Shared Pockets that are Saving Pockets. When money comes into the Shared Pocket, each member will receive a notification in their respective Jago applications.

Spending from the Same Shared Pocket When on Family Vacation

When the money has been saved enough, leave it in the Shared Pocket. If the Shared Pocket you created is a Saving Pocket, change the Pocket's function to Spending Pocket. However, if it is already a Spending Pocket, you don't need to do anything. But, you can do the following.

1. Decide the roles of the Shared Pocket members

The Pocket owner can decide the role of each member who joins, whether they Can Spend or Can View. All members with Can Spend role can use the money in the Shared Pocket for transactions. Members with Can View role are only able to see the history of incoming and outgoing transactions in the Shared Pocket.

2. Set a daily transaction limit for the Shared Pocket while on a family trip

To avoid drama, you can also set a daily transaction limit for the Shared Pocket. Of course, this limit has been previously agreed upon together. Every member who Can Spend can use the money in the Pocket until the limit has been reached. The limit in question is the accumulation of all transactions carried out in a day.

Additional Tips for Your Family Vacation 

With one source of funds from the Shared Pocket to meet your needs during the holidays, drama can certainly be avoided. There is some more tips that can add convenience to your family vacation. These tips relate to payments.

1. Bring a Jago debit card for payments

bawa kartu debit jago visa untuk pembayaran tanpa tunai saat liburan keluarga di mana saja di seluruh dunia

Make sure to bring a Jago debit card to make it easier and hassle-free to complete payments at the store where you shop or at the restaurant where you eat with your family.

There are two types of Jago debit cards, namely the Jago Visa Debit Card and the Jago GPN Debit Card. If your family vacation is abroad, then it is best to bring a Jago Visa Debit Card, which can be used all over the world.

2. Link the Jago debit card with the Shared Pocket

To start making payments with a Jago debit card from the funding source that is the Shared Pocket, first link the debit card with the Pocket. Make sure the Shared Pocket is a Spending Pocket, not a Saving Pocket. Those with the Can Spend role can link a Jago debit card to the Shared Pocket.

3. View transaction history in the Shared Pocket

All transactions, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded in detail in the Shared Pocket. If needed, you can check the transaction history in your Shared Pocket. Transaction history is updated in real time so you can access it at any time. All members with any role can view transaction history to maintain transparency.

So what do you think, isn’t it easier and hassle-free when you can use just one source of funds for saving and spending for your family vacation? Start inviting family members who will be on holiday with you to join the Pocket. Because, only Jago users can use or access the Shared Pocket.

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