Linking My Jago to Gojek

Payment is easier now more than ever! Now you can start linking your Jago to Gojek and use it as one of the payment methods. Make sure to have a Jago account that has been activated to make the linking process easier.

Attention! Please update your Gojek to ver. 4.24.2 for Android and 4.24 for iOS to enable linking Jago to Gojek

To link your Jago to Gojek, follow these steps:

1. Open your Gojek app and tap Explore on the right side of your GoPay balance.

2. Select Manage Payment Methods on the Payments section.

3. Scroll down to find Jago Pockets and tap Add.

4. Learn more details about the feature, or tap Continue to proceed.

5. Enter your Jago login details and press Login.

6. Done! Whenever you’re making a payment, you can choose your Spending Pocket as a payment method.


Is there any charge to link my Jago to Gojek?

No, it's totally free to link your Jago to Gojek.


Can I link my Jago to multiple Gojek accounts?

For now, your Jago account cannot be linked to more than one Gojek account.


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