About Money Back Guarantee Claim for GoPay Tabungan

About the Money Back Guarantee claim
GoPay presents to you a Money Back Guarantee program where you can claim a refund for your balance loss due to some cases beyond your control, such as:

Brute Force: GoPay account take over which causes a loss to the GoPay balance, GoPayLater limit, and GoPay Coins reward balance.
Phone loss: Loss of mobile phone which causes irresponsible account usage that leads to a loss in GoPay balance, GoPayLater limit, and GoPay Coins reward balance.

How to claim
You can claim for the Money Back Guarantee through your Gojek app, Tap on the Explore menu > Plus > Money Back Guarantee, or by calling and emailing Gojek Customer Service.

After your claim has been submitted, you will need to wait for an investigation done by the Gojek team. A refund will be made after your case has been validated according to the Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

Please note: Submission of the Money Back Guarantee claim does not guarantee a refund. Any refund request is subject to assessment under the terms and conditions of the Money Back Guarantee program. At this moment, Gojek does not cover loss of GoPay funds due to seller scams, someone trying to provide gift prizes, or if you have shared your OTP/PIN/Login Link with another party.

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