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How to Manage Monthly Salary to Start Saving in Deposits and Mutual Funds

cara mudah atur gaji bulanan dengan budgeting pakai kantong jago How to Manage Monthly Salary to Start Saving in Deposits and Mutual Funds

Jagoans, what's your Moneyfesting? To be on a healthy financial path, it is necessary to manifest financial goals in the form of Moneyfesting. Have a lot of Moneyfesting or want to start from 1 first? No problem. No matter how many Moneyfesting you have, it will be easier to achieve it with the discipline of saving. Continue reading to find out how to set your monthly salary the way you want using the Jago application.

Tips for Managing Monthly Salary to be Disciplined in Saving

If the discipline of saving can be helped by a feature that makes it easier for you to manage your budget or allocate your monthly salary, will you use it?

1. Open multiple bank accounts to more easily allocate your monthly salary to various expenses and savings

To ensure money for one need and another doesn't mix with each other, there is one way, namely having multiple accounts. Put budget for monthly bill payments in a separate account. Do it as well for shopping. And so on.

Having multiple accounts also helps you ensure that the budget for savings actually goes into savings, not being used up for entertainment, self-rewards, shopping, etc.

2. Have multiple bank accounts without admin fees by creating Jago Pockets in the Jago application

How to have multiple accounts without being charged monthly admin fees? Because if you have to pay monthly admin fees, in the end you will have to spend money for those.

Enjoy free monthly admin fees by having a Jago account because you can create lots of Pockets through the Jago application. Each Pocket comes with its own account number, which can receive money transfers from other banks. Specifically for the Spending Pockets, you can use each Pocket that has been created to make payments, shop and top up e-Wallets, as well as transferring money to other banks.

3. Start allocating salary by prioritizing needs above want and without forgetting savings

Knowing the differences between needs and wants is important in financial management. Why should needs be prioritized over wants? Read the full explanation of needs vs. wants in this article.

When budgeting, the important thing to do is always set aside money for savings. How to avoid forgetting to save can be seen in the next point.

4. Create a Jago Saving Pocket and automate saving to maintain savings discipline

With Jago, you can choose to create a Saving Pocket as savings. Want to have some savings? Create several Saving Pockets as you want.

To save automatically, first set a target in your Saving Pocket. With a target, you will be more enthusiastic about monitoring your savings progress. Don't forget to choose the Autosave saving method so that the money automatically goes into your Saving Pocket according to the details you have specified.

5. Take advantage of the option to lock your Saving Pocket to ensure your savings is not dipped into

mengunci kantong nabung jadi salah satu cara mengatur gaji bulanan untuk tabungan di bank jago

The Saving Pocket that you have filled with money can be locked to ensure you don’t dip into your savings, so that later you can save or invest the money in a deposit and mutual funds. Even though it has been locked, you can still add money to your Pocket at any time. The Pocket type will change from Saving Pocket to Locked Pocket once locked.

How to Save in Bank Jago Term Deposit

After having a large enough amount of money (at least Rp1,000,000) in a Saving Pocket, you can move your savings to a Term Deposit.

At Bank Jago, you can have more than 1 deposit at the same time. So, if there is more than 1 Moneyfesting, just open a deposit as many as you need. The benefit of saving money in a Jago Term deposit is securing the money from being used for something that is not Moneyfesting.

1. Open a Term Deposit in minutes from the Jago application

If you already have a Jago account, all you have to do is log in to the Jago application then select to create Pocket and then select Term Deposit. Fill in the details as you wish. Make sure you choose the best savings period, for example 6 months or 1 year. It all comes back to your Moneyfesting.

2. Your Moneyfesting is all about having emergency fund savings? Don't hesitate to open a Jago Term Deposit

If you haven't built emergency funds and made this a Moneyfesting to achieve, you don't need to worry about saving money in the Jago Term Deposit. This Bank Jago product is free of fines or penalties if you withdraw it early. You can still get deposit interest by choosing monthly interest payments.

How to Save in Bibit Mutual Funds from Jago

To achieve Moneyfesting more quickly, you can also save at Bibit. Because Jago and Bibit have collaborated and created a digital ecosystem, you can save more easily at Bibit.

1. Link your Jago account and Bibit account

To be able to start enjoying the Jago and Bibit digital ecosystem, make sure your Jago account and Bibit account are linked so you can easily start saving or investing to make Moneyfesting a reality.

2. Top up Bibit from the Jago application to start saving at Bibit

Saving or investing in Bibit mutual funds doesn't have to be a large amount straight away. You can top up Bibit from Jago starting from just Rp100,000. The cool thing is, the top-up fee is free from Jago. Not only is there no top-up fee, you can also buy Bibit mutual funds without switching applications. Just the way you want, saving at Bibit is fast, easy, practical and without incurring admin fees.

3. Save with Bibit automatically using the Jago Autodebit method

It's easier and hassle-free when you utilize the Jago and Bibit digital ecosystem. You can definitely save disciplinedly and automatically by choosing Jago Autodebit as your payment method at Bibit. 

The complete guide for using Jago Autodebit can be seen here.

Just as You Want, Moneyfesting for Financial Resolutions Can be Achieved

Where will you choose to save your money? In the Jago Term Deposit or Bibit or both? You can choose a place to save that is suitable for your needs and Moneyfesting, just how you want it. Finances and expenses are also easier to manage because you can have multiple accounts by creating multiple Jago Pockets via the Jago application.

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