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One Step Closer to Performing Hajj by Having a Hajj Savings, Here’s How

One Step Closer to Performing Hajj by Having a Hajj Savings, Here’s How One Step Closer to Performing Hajj by Having a Hajj Savings, Here’s How

Although the waiting period for hajj is quite long, saving as early as possible should not be delayed. So, when it’s time to perform hajj, you already have sufficient savings. For those of you who intend to go on performing hajj, find out what you can do to save money.

4 Steps to Save Money for Performing Hajj

1. Research or survey the cost of Hajj

The first step that needs to be done before opening a Hajj savings account is to find out how much it will cost. If there are family members, relatives or friends who have already performed hajj, you can ask them directly.

Alternatively, you can ask a Hajj travel agent who has a trusted reputation. Not only the cost of performing hajj, you also need to prepare money for accommodation, transportation, daily expenses when in there, etc.

2. Set a target

Next, to help you more easily determine how much money need to be set aside, you can first set a saving target. Of course, you need to look at your current financial situation.

If you want to have enough hajj savings within 5 years, then you just have to divide the total cost by 5. So that it doesn’t seem like a lot of money, it's a good idea to divide by 12. In this way you set aside a smaller amount of money each month instead of setting aside a large amount of money once a year.

3. Be discipline in managing finances through budgeting

Since now you will start saving for hajj, you need to be disciplined in managing your finances. The best way to do this is through budgeting. With budgeting, you separate the funds for expenses and savings. Keep in mind, if you didn't save for hajj before, now you do.

Where can you get the money to put in your hajj savings account? There are a number of ways you can try. You can start reducing unnecessary expenses. You can also look for an additional job and the money earned is directly saved for hajj, not used for other needs.

If you have another financial goal, such as a vacation abroad, and your financial situation doesn't allow you to save for both at the same time, you need to decide which financial goal is more important to you. That way, you can focus on saving. Once the savings is sufficient, you can continue saving for the temporarily paused financial goal.

4. Save money in the right place

No less important is choosing the right place to save money. You can try saving money in Jago’s Saving Pocket. Why?

By saving money in the Saving Pocket, you can set a target to monitor the progress of saving whenever you want. In addition, you can also use the automatic saving feature, namely Autosave.

With the active Autosave feature, you no longer need to making transfers to your savings. And at the same time, you make sure your savings continue to grow as it should.

Besides saving alone, you can also save with your loved ones at Jago. If you want to perform hajj with your partner, for example, you can take advantage of the Shared Pocket.

The Shared Pocket is actually a Saving Pocket. It's just that, when you invite other people to save together in the Saving Pocket, it will turn into a Shared Pocket. Wouldn't it be fun if you could save and manage your finances with whomever you want?

It’s best to start preparing your hajj savings from now on.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet

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